E-Health Department


To be one of the pioneers in the field by keeping up with MOH E-Health’s vision.


Developing and maintaining highly effective, reliable, secure and innovative systems to support the center’s activities and services.


  • Improving services for better care of patients.
  • Integrating MCC systems to provide the services effectively and efficiently.
  • Providing distinguished technical services to support MCC activities.
  • Improving and developing the e-health services.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Preparing the strategic plans and programs as well as the estimated budget in the field of computer and information technology in coordination with relevant administrative and clinical departments in the center, where they will be implemented after being approved.
  • Preparing and managing the electronic transformation strategy in the center.
  • Setting and ensuring compliance to the instructions, procedures, standards and specifications related to information security and the purchasing of technical equipment and its quality.
  • Providing necessary suggestions to amend or develop the regulations, rules, decisions and administrative procedures related to computer and information technology, according to the needs and updates in this field.
  • Determining the center computer needs, programs and systems and providing them according to the appropriate instructions, procedures and standards.
  • Choosing the computer operating systems, managing digital data storage, saving information to serve the center.
  • Ensuring security and proper use to access systems and data.
  • Developing, improving, managing and maintaining information systems and network management to provide quick and effective communication among all sources of information.
  • Coordinating with other departments regarding the obtaining of information and their needs in the field of computers.
  • Assessing the uses and technical means used in information systems, in addition to ensuring their continuous update.
  • Providing technical support in the field of computers and communications.
  • Training the center’s staff to use different systems.
  • Providing advice and assistance to all departments in the center in matters related to computer and information technology.
  • Preparing periodic reports about the department’s activities, achievements and developmental proposals to be submitted to the administrators.