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Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, may God protect him the government is keen to provide health services to the citizens in their places of residence and their efficiency fatigue of travel and mobility between hospitals outside the residence, comes the establishment of disease status and cardiac surgery center in the city as one of the goals that our government is seeking to be provided, which will reduce with pressure on public hospitals, centers, private hospitals, and provides them with free treatment at the highest levels, according to Statistics Tatwabh for census area city with a population of about 1,800,000 people, found that auditors heart clinics, hospitals region, about 30,000 references which required him lifting shrine the ministry for the establishment of a specialized center for diseases of the heart, to be issued to approve the establishment of the center high-friendly hotel and disease to work on it through the preparation of plans for the establishment of the heart center on the campus of King Fahd Hospital, has been the center equipped with the latest cutting-edge global best technology medical devices center offers its services to all patients of different age groups.
The establishment of the center on the area of ​​1520 m 2 (40 m × 38 m) for each role of the first three roles and an area of ​​1200 m 2 (40 m × 30 m) for each round of the last four roles a total area of ​​9360 m2 The bed capacity of the center 100 beds distributed all sections supported by sections of assistance for diagnosis and treatment X CT, X-magnetic, nuclear radiation, X-rays and the Department of cardiac imaging ultrasound, Department of sterilization, pharmaceutical warehouse, along with the processes and cardiac catheterization warehouse in addition to outpatient clinics to follow up cases after exit, pharmacy and electronic laboratory and blood bank, chambers of emergency notes.
Featuring center accurate electronic system in all his dealings, where patient data recorded electronically through the computer and archive medical history electronically and patient follow-up cases in hypnosis sections and send vital signs to department control center, as the center has 34 beds to care for cardiac intensive.
Has also been attracting skills and human forces in various disciplines for the operation of the heart center, where 700 between consultants, doctors, technicians and administrators reached, has also been attracting medical competencies on a global level of different nationalities; where he was hired consultants numb the heart of America as well as a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon from Germany, The consultant cardiothoracic surgeon from Norway, and a consultant for the care of cardiac surgery from Germany, and a consultant to the attention of the heart of Egypt, and consultant catheter from Ireland, and consultant Tdakhali defects and disadvantages of Egypt, as well as consultant of infectious diseases of Egypt, and Gary hiring a consultant kidneys from Jordan, was contracted with a consultant Tdakhali is from Britain, the center includes several national advisory competencies as well as cooperation with good university with a number of consultants medical specialists in cardiology, has also developed a development plan for the center of the heart begin to create an append a building housing support services to the center.