Department of Physical Therapy

About Us

The Department of Physiotherapy was started at Madinah Cardiac Center in 1432H It employs highly skilled physiotherapists with vast experience in the field of physiotherapy but specialized to serve cardiac patients and rehabilitate them for all phases of cardiac rehabilitation programs. Our department is dedicated in serving the patients pre and post cardiac surgery.
We are rooted in far reaching vision that calls upon the organization to reach for a higher standard of service excellence in pursuit of that mission.
The advantages of cardio rehabilitation program are many which help patient to carry on the daily activities, reduces the risk factors that can cause heart disease, improve the quality of life, improve the physical and psychological status, increases awareness and knowledge of the disease, and give appropriate tools to cope better.

Vision and Mission


  • To be the preferred choice and leaders in providing professional healthcare services and to be an integral part of our communities need.
  • Providing integrated health care in the field of cardiology rehabilitation.
  • To serve all age groups in Medina through a continuum of high medical services
  • Quality means patient safety and progress towards excellence in rehabilitation.


Our commitment is to provide the highest level in quality , effective and professional physical rehabilitation solution.
The center aims to provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative care for heart patients, adults and young people who visit the center or are referred to it from inside and outside the Medina area.

  • Ensure that quality standards are applied in solving health care problems.
  • Improve the level of patient protection and reduce the incidence of injuries and risks.
  • Develop quality in care provided through systematic goals, measurements and performance analysis.
  • The patient is fully screened and evaluated and the appropriate treatment plan developed.
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of the physical performance of heart patients.
  • Improve the daily life of the patient so that he can adapt to his health.
  • Rehabilitation of the patient to reach normal breathing after surgery
  • Educational programs and awareness of the patient through therapeutic publications.
  • Maintain the standards, procedures and regulations of the Center.
contact numbers

0148550481 – EXT: 3001