The Infection Prevention and Control Department (IPCD)

Department Description

The Infection Prevention and Control Department (IPCD) at MADINAH CARDIAC CENTER (MCC) provides a program for improving patient care and staff well-being by identifying and reducing the risk of endemic, epidemic and healthcare related infection in patients, staff and visitors.


To promote awareness of health care workers and coworkers, patient and visitors about the importance of infection prevention and control measures and to make it part of their daily practice to primarily prevent and secondarily contain nosocomial infections, and to ensure a safe working environment for employee and a safe environment for patients to get better.


To go beyond KNOWING and start DOING, to provide a clean, safe and infection–free environment for all people within the Center. To involve all in sharing the responsibility of protecting themselves, others and the environment from the risks of infection.


Protect the patient, healthcare workers, visitors, and others in the center. And to reduce healthcare associated infections rate to a minimum. And to accomplish these goals in a cost-effective manner, whenever possible.

Working Days and Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday (7:30 am – 4:00 pm)

Description of services

  • Prevention and control of healthcare associated infection in patients and healthcare workers.
  • Target based surveillance/data management and investigation of outbreaks.
  • Monitors and coordinates prevention and control of infection practices with physicians, nurses and others as appropriate to IC practices.
  • Reporting, prevention and control of communicable diseases.
  • Reviewing and updating infection prevention and control policies and procedures.
  • Education and training of hospital teams, patients, visitors and families about infection prevention and control procedures.
  • Orientation of new recruits on prevention and control of infection matters and issues.
  • Environmental surveillance and monitoring (i.e. patient care equipment, waste management, food service, water and air monitoring).
  • Management of sharp injuries/blood and body fluid exposure.
  • Supervising housekeeping services
  • Preparation of IPC plan and IPC Quality Improvement Projects
  • Supervising the employee health program
  • IPC Committee meets at least quarterly