Madinah cardiac center saving a patient life from tetralogy of fallot after 39 years by catheterization.

Madinah cardiac center achieve a medical record by saving a patient life in cath lab for repairing congenital heart defect returned back after 39 years. Head of medical team in MCC explained that the patient who arrived to the center was submitted to an open heart surgery (CABG), when he was 10 years old to repair a congenital heart defect of( tetra logy of fallot) , lab investigation and CT scan results detected sever pulmonary valve regurgitation , right ventricular hypertrophy , pulmonary artery reached 34 mm.
Due to perform the surgery for the high risk expected, therefore cath lab team decides to do pulmonary valve implantation.
Deserve mentioning, madinah cardiac center underwent more than 195 rare complicated surgeries especially in cath lab. The center also received more than 59959 outpatients and 18513 inpatient with more than 1340 open heart surgery and 23607 interventional procedures in cath lab.

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