MCC managed to operate a successful surgery for a Saudi lady in her 70 s.

Surgical team in mcc managed to operate a successful surgery for a Saudi lady in her 70s, in a short time after she had a coronary artery disease and circulation deficiency and body function.
Dr. Ibrahim Farah, head of surgical team explain that the case has been refer to the center after reviewing it; urgent surgical operation has been decided, due to ventricular septal defect caused by sever coronary thrombosis .
Dr. Farah stated that the case has been treated and VSD closure has been done, he assured the patient is recovering normally, the operation consider one of the rarest operation in cardiac surgery and urgent at the same time, were as timing is the only factor which contributed to the success of such operations result usually are not satisfactory even after operation due to high risk nature, mortality can reach 100 % before operation and decrease to 70 % after operation.
The surgical team in MCC has managed to operate more than 1013 surgical operation for approximately 737 patients , 396 coronary repairing surgeries, and 225 of single and multiple valve replacement were operated , while 7 rare valve surgery have been operated .

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